Study Classes of Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment ControlĀ®-CPESC

Date: Saturday, 20 July 2019 09:00 AM - 01:30 PM

Place: Seminar Room, IEMNS  |  City: Seremban, Malaysia


Study Classes of Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control®-CPESC

CPESC is Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control which had been strongly promoted by Malaysia Stormwater Organization (MSO). This topic has been a HOT topic in country since 2017. Somehow, many of our engineers do not know what about? What is CPESC? What special about CPESC? Where to find this CPESC? Actually, it is a specialize field of engineering in erosion and sediment control which it was created to provide professional credentials for individuals working to manage erosion and sediment control issues for land disturbing activities. The certification is issued by EnviroCert International, Inc(ECI) in United Stated. Initially, for engineers who want to sit for CPESC exam, the engineers have to fly to United Stated to do it. But now, it can be done in Malaysia. Malaysia in one of country which is being allowed to carry out the exam outside the United Stated. CPESC is an international certification which is recognized in many countries like United Stated, Canada, Australia and now in Malaysia. First CPESC Review Classes and Exam were held in Malaysia in August 2006 with 3-4 days. Somehow, it was actively in Malaysia after year 2017. Currently there are around 400 CPESC certifiers in Malaysia as per Jan 2019.

As the MSO has understanding that in order to make our country water resources be “clean”, the need of ESCP is one of the requirements in preparation of infrastructure plan. With the rapid development in our country, the increased the amount of impervious surface in our catchments leading to increases in the volume and rate of stormwater runoff. These where have contributed a significant amount of pollutants being washed off into receiving waters. As a result, it has become one of the reasons that cause our natural receiving water like river has been polluted tremendously. Our natural streams become more and more polluted throughout years. In order to preserve our natural especially for our next generation, the need of pollution control will be a need. And from study of Nationwide Urban Runoff Program in US, the study has found out that one of the main contributors is pollutant from stormwater instead of industrial waste. The pollutants collected from stormwater contained as many as same conventional and toxic pollutants regulated from proceed of point source such as industrial waste. Therefore, there is a need to mitigate of this stormwater pollution from the beginning of a project construction. One of the steps to get it works will be the preparation of ESCP design. Planning design is the first step of control erosion and sediment.

The CPESC exam, we cannot “guarantee” you will pass the CPESC exam. Somehow, we are here to help you, instead of you get the CPESC information by last minutes in the Review Classes of CPESC. You will get in advance of preparation with additional help on resources that related to CPESC which prior to the exam. Here are a series of study classes which are to make you to equip with the need of preparation of the CPESC exam. We are here to meet up with you with couple of classes instead of one class.

Our first study classes had been successfully held in Applied Technology Group in Subang Jaya from Month of Feb and March 2019. It had gained substantial good respond through out participants in country who signup for the exam CPESC in April 2019. Where we bring in advance the concept, theory and practices for participants to get prepare the exam. Besides, there is a Facebook “Erosion and Sediment Control-CPESC Study Group” which for anyone who is interested at this CPESC exam. Where there will be a lot of information being shared which can be such as signup up to exam. And, it will not be missed out the general erosion and sediment control elements. It is mainly targeted for CPESC exam.


These classes are to provide some guidance on how to get prepare for CPESC exam. The process of steps to become a CPESC certifier. What to be learned to prepare for the exam. The Facebook “Erosion and Sediment Control-CPESC Study Group” provides further assistance in preparation of CPESC exam.

  • Scope of Erosion and Sediment control
  • CPESC concept.
  • The principle of erosion and sediment control.
  • How to effectively control erosion and sediment control.
  • The purpose of computation of RULSE and MUSLE.
  • Why ESCP is a dynamic works.
  • Sample past exam questions discussion.

Who Could Benefit from These Classes?

  • Government Agencies/Bodies/local authorities
  • C&S Consultant engineers
  • Property Developers
  • Design Engineers
  • Site Supervisors
  • Contractors and Sub-contractors
  • Researchers
  • Lecturers
  • Undergraduate / Postgraduate Students

 CLOSING DATE : 17/07/2019


Schedule & Outline


TENTATIVE PROGRAMME CLASS 1 - 20/07/19, Saturday
8.30am-9.00am Registration & Breakfast
\9.00am-10.30am Introduction to CPESC, Online exam.
10.1   10.30am-10.45am.15am Break
   10.45am-12.15pm10 Walk through the Erosion and Sediment concept
12.   12.15pm-1.30pm.30pm Introduction Mathematical Computation. RULSE and MUSLE
1.   Q&A and End of Session



TENTATIVE PROGRAMME CLASS 2 - 03/08/19, Saturday
8.30am-9.00am Registration & Breakfast
\9.00am-10.30am Fertilizer computation. Curve number computation
10.1  10.30am-10.45am.15am Break
10.45am-12.15pm10 Introduction to BMP
12.12.15pm-1.30pm.30pm Walk through of BMP and sample questions.
  Q&A and End of Session




Ir. CHEE SHAI CHOON      Ir. Chee Shai Choon

Currently, Ir Chee Shai Choon is a CPESC certifier who leads a group of software developers in C & S Software Solutions Sdn Bhd which incorporated in year 2006. His clients mainly in Malaysia, somehow, there are some clients in Singapore, Brunei and Vietnam. In order to meet his clients’ requirement, he has fully concentrated on and only on this company. He is specializing in stormwater where he has developed a “core MSMA suite” which covers all the Chapters in MSMA 2nd edition. He has completed the whole MSMA2 into digital edition. He is the developer of the Infrastructure software which provided the most comprehensive civil engineering software. The product of Erosion and Sediment Control Plan(myESCP),OSD/Pond(IntelliDrain),3D Earthworks(Zeon Earth), XSeries modules such as Detention Pond & OSD Design(xStorm), Water reticulation(xWater), drainage network(xDrain), sewerage network(xSewer). Other software such as Sediment Basin and Singapore Pub design software. Further with the CPESC certifier, he has acquired substantial of knowledge in ESCP which lead to one of his software is called myESCP which it is an erosion and sediment control plan software. It comprises of erosion and sediment control facilities such as Check Dam Diversion Channel, Silt Fence. These facilities which compliance to MSMA 2nd edition of chapter 12. The CPESC knowledge had led him to further on the ESCP development.


This year will be his 13 years anniversary on computer business. He is keeps on update his knowledge especially in stormwater field where enable him to invent more values in engineering products. With his continuity development of products in stormwater, he has further acquired significant amount of experience in this field. Either from direct feedback from software client i.e. consultant engineers, or his own involvement in stormwater projects, or during his events in stormwater. As a result, the cumulative skill and knowledge which covered from the design process involved up to construction and completion of stormwater works. It would be one of the best sharing with participants. He is also a civil engineer with good technical knowledge in engineering concepts. He has accumulated 21 years of his experience in field of IT and engineering design. His official website:


Currently his company has an international collaboration with three international engineering software companies from Europe i.e. Bricsys(Recommended alternative CAD) BricsCAD BIM, Computer Control System(Bridges)-Greece and Ingeciber,S.A(FEM) Spain.


Along with his involvement on IT, he had conducted a number of talks/training in various organizations like IEM, JOS in JPS Ampang, Wawasan Professional Training Centre in KL. Talks & Seminar previously presented.






RM700.00 RM1,000.00





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